Collective Impact Board update - 27 September 2021

Email sent 27 September 2021.

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Email sent 27 September 2021

Subject: A message from the Collective Impact Board

Assalamu alaikum, kia ora

I want to say a warm greeting to you on behalf of the Collective Impact Board. I hope you and your family are safe and well.

The Collective Impact Board was established in May 2021 in line with Recommendation 26 of the Royal Commission of Inquiry.

Recommendation 26

“Investigate establishing a Collective Impact Network and Board or other relevant mechanism that enables Public sector agencies, non-government organisations and affected whānau, survivors and witnesses of the 15 March 2019 terrorist attack to agree a specific work programme to provide ongoing wrap-around services to affected whānau, survivors and witnesses”.

Our vision as the Collective Impact Board is to help us be a “strong, cohesive, informed community”. We aim to achieve this vision by:

  1. Finding out what is happening for people in our community
  2. Using this knowledge to help inform the support provided by the Kaiwhakaoranga Specialist Case Management Service.

The Kaiwhakaoranga Specialist Case Management Service was setup in April 2019 by the Ministry of Social Development to help our community recover.

The Collective Impact Board meet monthly and so far, we have had four meetings. We have been busy setting our terms of reference, attending governance training, creating a workplan, understanding the Kaiwhakaoranga Specialist Case Management Service and finding out what support is already in place.

We will send our first report to you in November, but you will hear from us again before then.

In the next few weeks we will email you our communication plan, so that you will know when and how you will hear from us.

You can reach us at

The Kaiwhakaoranga Specialist Case Management Service is going to start sending out a bi-monthly newsletter to those in our community who receive their service. If you would like to access this service – please email them at and they will contact you.

Thank you for your on-going support.


Hamimah Ahmat (Tuyan) – Chair
On behalf of the Collective Impact Board

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