Email sent to the Affected Community on 6 December 2021

Email sent 6 December 2021.


Email sent to the affected community - 6 December 2021

Assalamu alaikum, kia ora

On behalf of the Collective Impact Board, I would like to extend warm greetings and peace to you and your family.

In September we adopted our terms of reference and agreed on the vision of a “strong, cohesive, informed community”. Our terms of reference are published here(external link).

We have continued to meet monthly and have some highlights to share with you.  


We have been publishing updates and sharing information on the MSD web page(external link).

On receiving feedback, we are pleased to announce that there is a dedicated website under development that will be launched in the New Year. We will be able to share updates and keep you informed on this dedicated website. In the interim, please continue to refer back to the MSD web page for updates(external link) until the new website is ready.

Canterbury District Health Board

The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) and contracted health professionals attended the 7 October meeting, and we took the opportunity to discuss gaps in accessing mental health services and cultural understanding. This was a productive meeting, and we will invite CDHB back in the New Year to provide an update.

Ministry of Justice

A meeting between the Ministry of Justice and representatives from the Board was held in October to discuss gaps in the coronial process. A written log of issues raised was then provided to the Ministry of Justice who responded quickly with a written report back to the Board. As promised in the last email, we have published this report(external link) as an update on the MSD website.

GP Visits for the Affected Whānau Injured on 15 March

At our last Board meeting, on 18 November, it was raised that some injured whānau are now required to pay for GP visits. We have confirmed that CDHB ceased funding GP visits for the injured-on 30 June 2021. ACC have agreed to fully fund doctor (GP), physiotherapy and osteopathy visits for those injured in the Christchurch mosque attacks until 30 June 2022. ACC confirmed that they have communicated this message out to Primary Health Organisations in Canterbury. If you were injured in the mosque attacks and are being charged for your GP visits, please make your GP aware that the visits may be funded through ACC. This is at the discretion of your GP as to whether or not they choose to apply for funding from ACC for your visit.  

Community Engagement

We attended a community engagement training session in October to learn more about how to engage well with the community. We were planning to start engaging with the community in December, however, there is a lot happening that will need your attention such as the ongoing coronial inquiry (now postponed until the New Year), the introduction of the Covid-19 traffic light system and all the numerous community events. Therefore, we made the decision to move this to early 2022. We are looking forward to engaging with you in a meaningful way and ensuring you have the opportunity to share your views and speak directly to our Board members about the recovery needs of our community in the New Year. If you would like to ask any questions or share your views, please remember that we have the email.  

Kaiwhakaoranga Specialist Case Management Service

We engaged with the Kaiwhakaoranga Service to understand the needs of the community. The Kaiwhakaoranga Service discussed the common issues raised by the community and we have decided to investigate these issues further.

The Kaiwhakaoranga Service will be sending out their second newsletter in early December, which will also be published on the MSD web page(external link).

Please look after yourself and your family.

Stay safe and well. You will hear from us again in the New Year.


Hamimah Ahmat (Chair)

On behalf of the Collective Impact Board

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