Collective Impact Board appointments


CIB leaves

The Collective Impact Board was established on 25 May 2021 and brings together community and government representatives to guide ongoing support services for the families and individuals affected by the Christchurch mosque attacks in line with Recommendation 26.

Recommendation 26: Establish a Collective Impact Network and Board or other relevant mechanism  that enables Public sector agencies, non-government organisations and affected whānau, survivors and witnesses of the 15 March 2019 terrorist attack to agree a specific work programme to provide ongoing wrap-around services to affected whānau, survivors and witnesses.

The Board is comprised of representatives from the affected community and officials from government agencies. The Board has the shared vision – to reinforce a ‘strong, cohesive, informed community’ and is in place until May 2023.


Board members had the opportunity to re-sit on the Board until May 2023. Four of the 13 members finished at the end of their term in May 2022 and self-nominations were invited from the affected community to fill these roles on the Board. Self-nominations were open to members of the affected community from Monday 30 May 2022 to Friday 10 June 2022.

The Ministry of Social Development (as the Lead Agency) for the Collective Impact Board administered the nomination and selection process on behalf of the Board.

The self-nominations received were carefully considered by a panel made up of community and government representatives.  The selection process has now been completed.


The community representatives joining the Board from 28 July 2022 are:

  • Dr. Ruqayya Sulaiman-Hill
  • Khaled Alnobani
  • Abdullah Naeem
  • Ashraf Omar

The new agency representative joining the Board is:

  • Coralanne Child (Director, Ministry of Education)

The Board welcomes its new members and is looking forward to the diverse range of experiences and expertise they will contribute to the Board’s work programme.


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